Patton Boggs, LLP

Patton Boggs began as an international law firm concentrating in global business and trade in 1962. While the firm has maintained its strong concentration in international and trade law, they have evolved beyond their roots to become a full-service firm with a national presence in every major area of legal representation.  At Patton Boggs, there is respect for and appreciation of the contributions of a diverse group of team members. Leadership roles are shared among offices, and there is trust and mutual support as people with equal voices work together to achieve firm goals.

The firm’s attorneys offer substantive legal and related business advice on international commercial, corporate, and capital markets transactions, while also providing innovative counsel to address the risks that often influence cross-border business due to the influence of both U.S and non-U.S. government entities.

The firm’s international lawyers are highly skilled at managing the unique issues and concerns of private enterprise and government instrumentalities in both inbound and outbound foreign  market transactions, honed in significant part by their representation of foreign sovereigns for nearly half a century.

NowStreet Journal

Dara  Albright is the founder and President of NowStreet Media, voice for the rapidly  emerging private company marketplace. NowStreet’s mission is to provide greater  awareness and provoke interest in a nascent marketplace that we believe holds  the promise of stimulating job creation and revitalizing the U.S. economy.

Through  its media, event production and consulting divisions, NowStreet Media is pioneering a number of innovative products and services designed to augment  the growth of this young vibrant marketplace as well as enhance overall capital  formation. NowStreet Journal provides valuable information, including news, analysis, and insight into the private company marketplace and the companies  driving it.

Most  notably, NowStreet Journal differentiates itself by providing a unique  macro-economic perspective illustrating the vital role this marketplace plays in  our current capital markets ecosystem. NowStreet Journal takes an unconventional  and enlightening tone to address the underlying problems in U.S. capital  formation, and offers fresh ideas for its resolution.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Wells Fargo Insurance Services makes it their business to know their clients’ business. Their professionals are highly knowledgeable and committed to providing excellent customer service and quality products and services. They offer a wide range of products and services in nearly every industry to satisfy almost any need.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Ill., is the fifth largest insurance brokerage firm in the world, according to Business Insurance magazine, and the largest bank-affiliated insurance brokerage firm in the United States. They provide insurance brokerage and administrative services, as well as a wide range of financial and consulting services to thousands of satisfied customers. Today, they have 200* offices across the nation with more than 5,800* professionals who place more than $15.5 billion* in risk premiums.

AvGlobe Business Consulting, Inc.

AvGlobe Business Group has 3 main areas of specialization:  Aviation, Global Business Development and Corporate Financial Services, with operation hubs based out of Beijing, Hongkong and Calgary, AB.  They cut through bureaucratic red tape and cultural differences to allow their clients access to foreign capital and markets within Asia and North America.

AvGlobe provides consulting to airlines, airports, governments agencies and the financial community in all parts of the world. This wealth of experience affords AvGlobe a unique understanding of the problems facing the aviation industry and positions the firm to offer better insights and solutions than any other transportation consultancy.

AvGlobe provides advisory services and one-stop solutions to companies wishing to reach Asia’s capital markets and business community. Relying on its extensive local resources, rich business experiences, and a team of seasoned professionals, AvGlobe’s services cover areas including Research & Consulting, Market Entry, Local Set-up Solutions, Marketing Service, Outsourcing, and Back Office Services to manage and expand business in the Asia Pacific market.

Our Industry Relationships

Sterling Global Capital is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships with the companies we serve. As a result, we have strong relationships with companies in a wide array of industries. Simply put … our relationships can help springboard your growth objectives.

Oil & Gas Industry

Infrastructure & PPP Industry

Technology, Internet & Media Industries

Building & Construction Industry

Casino & Gaming Industry

Renewable Energy Industry

Resort & Hospitality Industry