Soho Loft Series

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Club

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Club is a global event platform series designed to enhance capital formation for emerging private companies. This is a unique opportunity for bright minds to learn more about the rapidly expanding marketplace for private company stock and the crucial role this marketplace is playing in enhancing capital formation. Attendees meet senior executives of this market’s future bellwether companies and demo technologies that will both transform and enhance our everyday lives.

The Soho Loft, a 4,000 square foot multi-million dollar luxury loft situated in the heart of Soho, was home to David Drake, a venture capitalist and seasoned networker, during the first part of the 21st Century.

During David’s reign, the Soho Loft hosted over a thousand parties and networking events for businesses, charities and individuals. More than 15,000 people, including socialites, celebrities and aristocrats, came from all corners of the globe to mingle at David’s intimate home.

The Soho Loft was as much known for its gatherings as it was for its high tech decor that included hanging furniture. Designed by Robert Bernstein, “Suspended in Soho” featured a world of suspension that was as unique as it was versatile. It was around its glass bar and suspended seating platform that deals were introduced and transactions consummated. The Soho Loft went on to achieve Hollywood fame while serving as the backdrop for Barbara Walters’ interviews and feature films.

Today, this recognized brand has returned with a new mission: to bring its successful networking platform to destinations around the world. Online networks may be fine for “linking”, but Soho Loft is in the business of “connecting”.

Now Street Media, voice for the rapidly emerging private company marketplace and LDJ Capital, an international investment consulting and venture capital firm, have joined forces to launch The Soho Loft Capital Creation Event Series, a global event platform aimed at the facilitation of capital formation for emerging private companies.

The current capital market system is fundamentally flawed. Emerging companies are no longer able to successfully IPO as a small cap stock in a public marketplace reserved for matured larger cap companies. As a result, investors have less access to quality growth companies and fewer opportunities for impressive appreciation. In addition, emerging companies that are fortunate enough to obtain funding at all are forced into accepting less appealing and in many cases unsavory financing terms at their most pivotal stages of growth. Without capital and suitable financing structures emerging companies are unable to innovate, flourish and most importantly, hire. In order to mend our capital markets and inspire economic growth, it is essential that emerging private companies obtain shareholders with long term investment horizons who are willing to purchase common stock in a fair marketplace such as the rapidly expanding private company marketplace (PCM).

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Series employs a proprietary approach to capital rising called, Social Capital Construction that brings financiers and their networks directly to opportunities within the realm of a physical social networking environment. Social Capital Construction bypasses the conventional flawed methods of capital formation by helping emerging companies obtain investments from shareholders whose interests are more aligned with their own.

The Soho Loft Capital Creation Event Series is a series of upscale events in domestic as well as exotic international destinations where select private companies, hand-picked by our analysts, are able to showcase their businesses and mingle with an exclusive audience of super high net worth individuals and influential members of the worldwide investment community. Upcoming events are currently being scheduled in the following cities:

Atlanta … August 03, 2011

San Francisco … September 14, 2011

New York … October 04, 2011

Dubai … November 6-8, 2011

Abu Dhabi … November 8-11, 2011

Las Vegas … January 15, 2012

Los Angeles … February 22, 2012

Zurich … March 2012

Amsterdam … April 2012

Cannes … May 20, 2012

Monaco … May 24, 2012